CPanel Login for Remote Access and Administration

As virtual dedicated servers, webhost administrators can use cPanel to login and manage their accounts from anywhere.  A network protocol, known as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) facilitates remote cPanel login.  CPanel FTP login allows webhost administrators to manage their accounts remotely at the Admin level with a secured File Transfer Protocol.

CPanel’s login procedures help protect servers and their client websites from security threats associated with FTP.  Thus, cPanel login scripts generate tailored login forms.  As a result, each cPanel login protocol is somewhat different.  Below are step-by-step instructions designed to help new webhost administrators with these remote cPanel login procedures.

Remote Access to CPanel Admin Login
Many new users encounter problems with remote cPanel login.  Port security measures for FTP may take a few business days. So, allow one week before attempting remote cPanel Admin login.

After your site is running for a week, remote cPanel admin login as follows: 

  1. Enter the following into you internet browser:

    http:// to the left of your website’s IP address, and : 2083 to the right of your websites IP address
    Ex. If your website’s IP address is, then enter:
  1. A cPanel login form should pop-up
    The form should have fields for “username” and “password”
  1. Enter your username and password
    Use your usual cPanel login username and password
  1. Click login”
     A “cPanel startup page” should appear
    The “startup” cPanel login page only appears for the first remote cPanel Admin login.

  2. Follow the “Getting Started Wizard Prompts”

CPanel Webmail Login from WordPress

CPanel login options facilitate helpful blog content.  CPanel webmail login works with WordPress software so that webhost administrators can have simultaneous access to their sites’ blogs and administration tools.  CPanel email login from WordPress allows access to emails from the Admin Page directly from you blog.

CPanel email login from WordPress is as follows:

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